What My Pupils Say About Me

“David has been an inspiring teacher for my 8 year old daughter. He uses his own knowledge of and skill with music, as well as humour and endless patience to inspire her. Her confidence and ability has come on massively in a short period of time because of this. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend him.”

“I have been having guitar lessons with David for 10 weeks. As I am in my thirties, I thought that learning to play a musical instrument would be quite hard. David has ensured I have learnt the basics and progressed at a pace that challenged me to keep my interest. I enjoy learning and playing what I have learnt and would highly recommend David as an accomplished teacher to anyone young or older”

“David has been teaching me classical guitar for six months. He is a very patient and perceptive teacher always offering encouragement and providing helpful tips on technique and interpretation of the music. I feel I have made good progress as a guitarist and this is largely down to David's approach. My two young children are also learning to play with David and they have made rapid progress. I can thoroughly recommend him as a tutor to guitarists of all abilities.”

“David is a really conscientious teacher, with a kind and thoughtful manner. His lessons are relaxed and very pupil-focused.”

“I began learning classical guitar with David just a few months ago and have already made pleasing progress. David has a very patient, flexible and positive approach. He is quick to acknowledge progress and shows genuine delight when I take steps forward. I am already far less hung up about making mistakes and look forward to practising what I have learnt.”

“He is kind and helpful and a good guitar teacher. He always teaches me new notes. My guitar lessons are fun because I like playing new songs and I feel very excited.” (This is from a 6-year-old pupil)

“As a left-handed person and an absolute beginner I found the prospect of learning guitar somewhat daunting, and even put it off! I can honestly say that neither has been an issue and I would highly recommend learning with David to anyone at all levels. It has been such a fun and rewarding experience, even my children are happy to listen!”

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